Prefabricated reinforcement cage type E


Prefabricated reinforcement cage type E is used in ceilings, ceiling beams, filigree walls and slabs. From a reinforcement length of 1.75 m, it is possible to end the diagonal bracing on the lower flange.


Product certification in the Czech Republic
Reinforcement type E

Product certification in Slovakia
Reinforcement type E certificate
Reinforcement type E parameters

Product certification in Germany and Austria
Reinforcement type E DE (in DE)
Reinforcement type E DE (in EN)
Reinforcement type E AT (in DE)



Prefabricated reinforcement cages are packed into handling segments weighing up to 2,000 kg, which are tied with steel embossing tape or binding wire. Handling of goods is only possible by mechanized means with the possibility of attaching the segment to the hinge in places designated for that purpose. Handling segment features a weather-resistant label.
Prefabricated reinforcement cage type E
Diameter of the upper flange D1[mm]5 ÷ 14 B500A, B550A, B500A-G, B550A-G
Diameter of diagonal bracing D2[mm]4,6 ÷ 7 B500A-G, B550A-G
Diameter of the lower flange D3[mm]5 ÷ 14 B500A, B550A
Diameter of the lower flangeD4[mm]5 ÷ 14 B500A, B550A
Beam height H[mm]70 ÷ 400 ± 5
Beam width S[mm]70 ÷ 110 ± 5
Beam length L[m]1 ÷ 14