Reinforcing steel – bars


Steel rods are placed into the concrete in order to increase its load-bearing capacity.


Product certification in the Czech Republic
Smooth steel coils and rods
Ribbed steel coils and rods

Product certification in Slovakia
Steel coils and rods certificate
Steel coils and rods parameters



The straight reinforcement is packed into handling segments weighing up to 2,000 kg, which are tied with steel embossing tape or binding wire. Handling of goods is only possible by mechanized means with the possibility of attaching the segment to the hinge in places designated for that purpose.
Reinforcing steel - bars
Used material Reinforcing steelB500A, B550A, BSt500WR, BSt550WR
Strength of processed steel RP0,2 [Mpa]500 ÷ 700
Diameter of processed steel d[mm]5 ÷ 16
Rod lengthL[m]0,97 ÷ 12